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Landscape Lighting

Lighting is a personal favourite when it comes to simple elements that elevate a landscape - small input, maximum output. Lighting is often an element that is removed from the scope due to budget, although we believe the lighting can be the defining factor that makes the landscape a space that welcomes your presence VS a space that gets forgotten.


Lighting is the king of ambience and it is the tactic to ensure your landscape is accessible any hour of the day.


We will run through some of the most important things to know when considering lighting in your Dream Landscape:


  • Ambiance - lighting features enhance the ambiance of the landscape, extending the usability of outdoor spaces into the evening. White lights contribute to a modern feel, while warm lights create an inviting atmosphere.

  • Types of Lighting - choose from options such as path lights, spotlights, tree lights, uplights, strip lights, hanging lights, and so many other types to create different effects and highlight key features.

  • Energy Efficiency - opt for LED or solar-powered lighting options to minimize energy consumption and maintenance needs.

  • Functional Lighting - ensure adequate lighting for pathways, steps, dining areas etc., improving safety and navigation in the landscape after dark.


Lighting is the solution for an impressive landscape display for all hours of the day.


Million Dollar Landscapes & your lighting:

You may be wondering the possibilities for ambient and functional lighting for your landscape design. We love designing and constructing impressive lighting solutions - let’s begin exploring the possibilities for your dream landscape.

realistic photograph of a residential landscape showing a modern courtyard patio with natu
Million Dollar Landscapes (8).png

Brett H

“We engaged Million Dollar Landscapes for a makeover project in our backyard behind our new pool. The quote was very reasonable and the works fast. The service was great and the communication was extremely clear and we ended up with a great outcome. Genuinely great work! Thanks for your help and support. We are very happy."
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