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Discover our unique approach to maximise the sale value of your home.


Are you selling your home?

For homeowners aspiring to maximise the sale value of their home; Million Dollar Landscapes implements tactical landscape creations that are rich in WOW features and meticulously designed to elevate aesthetics, functionality, and most importantly, the salable potential of your home.

Our goal is for your home to stand out in the market, appeal to the needs and desires of Buyers, and demand a higher sale price.


Our unique, tactical approach to maximise the sale value of your home.


Tactical consultation. Explore the opportunity to add value. We seek to understand who is likely to buy your home and what they value most. Knowing the Buyer-profile helps us know how to drive buyers to choose your home over another - or drive buyers to compete for your home - or drive buyers to pay a higher price for your home.


Detailed designs. Evaluate the transformation. When selling your home, the sole purpose of the landscaping is to achieve an exceptional return on your investment. With each feature, we carefully evaluate the potential value-add, and we focus our attention to the elements with the highest impact. Our design process enables you to visualise the possibilities with professional 3D renders.


Add value. Bring the landscape to life. Once your landscape transformation is complete, it is time to hit the market. We collaborate with elite Real Estate agents who know how to sell the dream to Buyers. They will effectively communicate the new selling-points and leverage them to drive competition and higher sale prices.


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A complimentary consultation to explore the opportunity to add value.

  • Landscape inspection & consultation.

  • Tactical ideation - how can we maximise my sale value?

  • Draft design & proposal.


Book my Free Tactical Consultation

100% no obligation - offer available to every homeowner or agent, for any property, at any time.

100% complimentary - assess the potential to add significant value to your home.

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Explore Our Designs & Projects

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Elite Real Estate Agents

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Million Dollar Landscapes collaborates with elite RE Agents in the Eastern Suburbs. We define ‘elite’ agents as those who strive to go above and beyond for their clients - not just to offer a tidy presentation for the home, but to add genuine value to the home to demand higher sale prices for their clients with profitable returns.

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Did you know that...

  • Landscaping achieves on average a 3x return on investment.

  • Landscaping can increase property value by 20%.

  • Neglected gardens reduce a property’s value by up to 15%.

  • Landscaping helps properties sell weeks/months faster.

    Sources: * Deloitte & Touche Report, ** Husqvarna Global Garden Report.

Adding Value

The 5 pillars to add value to a home are functionality & usability, social capacity, sense of space & light, sense of completeness/turn-key, and the WOW factor!


Here are some of the areas MDL we focus on:






Sheds & Storage



Water Features


Privacy & Screens

Special Features


Social Spaces

Garden Beds

Benches & Daybeds

Built-In Features

Testimonial from a Collaborator

“I have engaged MDL several times for my clients' homes, and have been very pleased with the results. They add value to properties without exceeding budget, and Nate is an excellent communicator, reliable and knowledgeable.”

Nick Simitzis - Belle Property

  • What landscape elements adds value to a home?
    The 5 pillars to add value to a home are; functionality and usability, social capacity, sense of space and light, sense of completion/readiness, and the WOW factor.
  • How much should I invest into my landscape?
    At the end of the day, this is an investment decision and you must consider your own circumstances and risk tolerance. As a rule of thumb; in the high-demand market of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, we consider budgets of 1-5% of the home’s value into the landscape transformation to be suitable.
  • I am afraid to over-capitalise. Is that possible?
    Yes, it is absolutely possible to overspend into your landscape before sale. We work closely with the RE Agent to evaluate our decisions and ensure the market will value and can afford to pay for the value you create in the landscape. We focus our attention on high impact transformations and avoid low-value elements.
  • How can I fund my transformation?
    We are able to connect you to several Pay Later companies who specialise in this space - helping homeowners add value to their property before sale without the risk of up-front expenses.
  • How much value will tactical landscaping add to my home?
    Great question! Our goal is to utilise every dollar you invest into the landscape with as much care as possible, focusing on the elements that are likely to maximise the impact for buyers on the day. Data from Deloitte suggests great potential and we do our best to unlock that potential.
  • I’m moving, I don’t want to invest!
    We understand - although we believe wholeheartedly in our process, we understand the resistance to invest into a space you are no longer planning to live in. Fortunately, throughout our process, we uncover great design ideas that your prospective buyers will absolutely love - so, if you decide not to transform your landscape, we can use the designs in your campaign material to show buyers the potential of the home. Every buyer appreciates seeing what they could not imagine!
  • Will I want to stay after?
    We sure hope so! That will speak highly to the value you have just added to the home! No stress, you can decide to stay or to go - either way, you’ll end this process with a huge increase in value to your home.


Have questions about Tactical Landscaping?
We may have the answer.

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