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Decking is a staple within most landscape designs - and we will run through some of the most important things to know when considering a deck in your Dream Landscape:


First things first - What is Decking?

Decking refers to a timber (or similar) platform attached to a home and decks are used as a solid foundation for outdoor activities.



The primary purpose of decking is to maximise the functionality (or functional capacity) of your landscape. Decks can be used as a gathering space for social events, as a lounging area, a dining area, and are often connected to a BBQ/alfresco under a pergola.


(the most common substitute for decking is paved patios - although, these two approaches can work in harmony together for the same landscape)


Decking types:

While the most traditional material for decks is timber - often coated in oil or painted - you now have access to a range of ‘composite’ decking materials (which are our preferred alternative).


Timber Vs Composite:

There is no right or wrong when selecting your decking type - here are a few things to consider:

  • Timber: natural appearance, cooler temperature and lower cost.

  • Composite: long-lasting, weather resistant and diverse variety.


Creative Decking

As a staple element, decking designs are often mundane or generic. We are massive believers in taking design to the next level and here are a few simple ways to explode the aesthetics and functionality of your decking design.

  • Layout - consider how you will use the space on a day2day basis to best determine how the deck should be structured - understanding where you need ample space for seating or standing or walking etc. is a great starting point.

  • Shapes - forget squares and rectangles - if it suits your home, look for angles, curves or cutouts. Bring life to your deck so it stands out from the rest.

  • Lighting - one of the simplest tactics to elevate the experience of a space. Adding spotlights on the deck as an example offer functional benefits, but more importantly, offer a warm and inviting ambience to make your deck attractive for activities all hours of the day.

  • Features - a secret to an epic decking space is a feature tree built into the decking. There are many features that can be made, but the tree in the deck always captures attention.

  • Pathways - decking also offers a great pathway option. While this can be purely a functional decision, we love to play around with the ‘boardwalk’ entrance and floating decking paths. The possibilities are endless!


Million Dollar Landscapes & your decking:

No doubt, decking was one of the first elements that crossed your mind - but you may be wondering just how you could elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your deck with a creative design.


We love designing and constructing impressive decks - let’s begin exploring the possibilities for your dream landscape.

Million Dollar Landscapes (8).png

Brett H

“We engaged Million Dollar Landscapes for a makeover project in our backyard behind our new pool. The quote was very reasonable and the works fast. The service was great and the communication was extremely clear and we ended up with a great outcome. Genuinely great work! Thanks for your help and support. We are very happy."
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