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Benches & Seating

Benches and seating are not the most glamorous elements of a landscape design, but they sure are important. In most cases, the outdoor spaces are designed to accommodate social activities as well as time in solitude, which means ample seating that is both comfortable and stylish is a key part of the design.


We will run through some of the most important things to know when considering benching and seating in your Dream Landscape:


  • Functionality - benches and seating areas provide places for relaxation, socialising, and enjoying the landscape.

  • Materials - choose durable materials like timber, metal, or concrete that complement the design aesthetic and withstand outdoor conditions.

  • Placement - position seating strategically to take advantage of views, shade, and focal points within the landscape.

  • Comfort - consider adding cushions or pillows for added comfort, and ensure sufficient space for movement around seating areas.

  • WOW - always think of ways to make the benches an impressive feature; such as using lighting strips underneath, or hanging benches, or day beds and lounges, or clever integrations into other elements (e.g. trees).


Million Dollar Landscapes & your benching and seating:

As an important feature in your landscape, you may be wondering just how you could best balance seating and benches into the design.


We love designing and constructing impressive benching and seating areas - let’s begin exploring the possibilities for your dream landscape.

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realistic photograph of a residential landscape showing a modern courtyard patio with natu
Million Dollar Landscapes (8).png

Brett H

“We engaged Million Dollar Landscapes for a makeover project in our backyard behind our new pool. The quote was very reasonable and the works fast. The service was great and the communication was extremely clear and we ended up with a great outcome. Genuinely great work! Thanks for your help and support. We are very happy."
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