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Natural & Crazy


Experience a landscape transformation that seamlessly blends creativity, artistry and natural allure.

The transformation is centred on a major deck extension, cleverly integrating an existing tree for aesthetic and artistic appeal. The patio and pathways boast elegant natural stone in a captivating crazy paving pattern, creating a space that radiates positivity.

The generously sized patio extends the social space with an artistic floating bench and arbour, complimented by stunning underlighting. The result is an inviting social space, seamlessly merging with the surrounding beauty of towering trees, providing a tranquil atmosphere.

The landscape includes lush lawns, exotic plants, a discreet yet functional storage shed clad in elegant timber, and decorative lighting to create anticipation along the entry path.

In collaboration with elite agent Monique Dower from Belle Property, this project was envisioned to significantly enhance the property's value. Whether our clients seek a serene retreat or plan to capitalise on their investment in the future, this landscape is a testament to thoughtful design and skilled execution.

Belle Property
Monique Dower

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