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Our Company & Crew


Meet our Crew

In the competitive world of real estate, RE Agents work relentlessly to gain an upper-hand in the market and offer a value proposition that sets them apart. Over the last decade, we have witnessed the rapid evolution of sales tactics, including interior staging, videography, and remedial services (i.e. Painting). Our role is to lead the next phase of value creation for homeowners in the Eastern Suburbs. 'Million Dollar Landscapes' (MDL) offers the first true integration of residential real estate sales with the art of landscaping. We define ourselves as Tactical Landscapers, and we collaborate with Elite Real Estate Agents to maximise the sale value of homes before they hit the market. True to our name; value creation comes first. And we are obsessed with this game of tactical landscaping - always striving to add a bonus $$ 7-figures to the price-tag of our clients' homes. Our landscape creations are rich in WOW features, as well as being meticulously designed to elevate aesthetics, functionality and social capacity. Our goal is that our clients' homes stand out in the market, appeal to the needs and desires of Buyers, and demand higher sale prices. This laser-focus on value creation has allowed us to catch the attention of some BIG names in Real Estate - the likes of Alexander Phillips (PPD), Bethwyn Richards (The Agency), Mitchell Farah (First Hand) and Monique Dower (Belle Property) recognise the value that tactical landscaping can add for their clients. The team at 'Million Dollar Landscapes' are on fire to serve our clients and collaborative partners, ADDING MASSIVE VALUE to homes before sale!

The legendary crew at MDL are full of life and ambition to add enormous value to the homes of our clients, and to turn dreamscapes into realscapes. Our crew take great pride in our tactical approach to value creation and this drives their imagination to create WOW features, and their dedication to quality finishes, while also making the overall transformation experience seamless and exciting for our clients. Our team members are committed to growing as individuals and within our team - fuelling MDL and our mission to add enormous value for homeowners in the East.


Meet our Collaborators

Million Dollar Landscapes collaborates with elite RE Agents in the Eastern Suburbs. We define ‘elite’ agents as those who strive to go above and beyond for their clients - not just to offer a tidy presentation for the home, but to add genuine value to the home to demand higher sale prices for their clients.


Tactical landscaping is an extra-ordinary approach, and we trust these agents to land you the extra-ordinary sale.


Here are some of our elite collaborators:

PPD logo

Alexander Phillips
Tristan Oddi
Christian West
Conrad Panebianco
David Tyrell
Kirstin Cowie

John Grayson

 Michael White

Peter Grayson

BresicWhitney logo

Randall Kemp

 Dean Jarman

Shaun Stoker

Ray White logo

Bethwyn Richards

 Cathryn Dudman

 Jess McGrath

Irene Do

Jack Wimpey

The Agency logo

Oliver Lavers

Tess Bukovinsky

TRG logo

Danny Taylor

Century 21 logo

Nick Simitzis

 Monique Dower

Belle Property logo

Ric Serrao

Sasha Bronfentrinker

R&H logo

Megan Widjaja

R&W logo



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